Friday, August 29, 2014


Our little lady is very very verbal.  She tells entire cooing stories when I tuck her into bed at night complete with hand gestures and facial expressions.  She grabs the phone out of my hand to tell her Aunt Tess everything that is on her mind.  And she complains loudly when I try to feed her something she finds unpalatable like carrots or peas.  But she had yet to say her first word.  At least until yesterday.

I was getting ready to take the boys upstairs for a bath and she was having special time with her Daddy. This usually consists of watching baseball or football while she snuggles on his knee.  Every few minutes or so he will pick her up and kiss her to make her giggle.  Last night was a bit different.  He laid her on the floor to talk to her while she kicked and he started coaching.  "Dada...Say Dada, Rosie Rose.  Da....Da," I heard him say over and over.  Smiling inwardly, I walked into the bathroom and started the water.

A few minutes later, my husband walked in with his iPhone.  "Watch this," he said.  And there it was - Her first word.  Dada.  He was beaming.  "I think I love her even more than I did five minutes ago," he said.  "I can't stop watching it.  She's so cute!" he gushed. I had to agree.

Both of our boys said, "Mama" first so it's only fair that his little girl said, "Dada" first.  I wouldn't have traded the happiness on his face for anything in the world.

What was your baby's first word?  Think back to that moment for a minute and hold it in your heart.

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