Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saving for a Reason

It's been emotional this week in our house - We've learned that my sister and her family have to move to Colorado for at least a year to get the very best medical treatment for my six year old nephew, Brody.  Brody has been in and out of the hospital for years fighting with severe asthma, acid reflux, and all the illnesses that result from his compromised immune system.  They have found a tremendously talented team of doctors in Denver and, after a few weeks under their care, they are finally getting a solid plan for his health.  It is an answered prayer but it still leaves us with a deep sadness.

We were worried this might happen after the doctors spent time with his very unique and complicated case but we have waited to bring it up to our kids.  There was no need for them to worry about something that may or may not happen.  But today, it was time to let them know that their cousins were going to be far away for awhile.

"Let's go to Brody and Gav's!" my two year old said.  "Yeah!  Let's go swimming with them," my oldest chimed in.  "We can't do that today, guys," I began.  "They are going to be staying in Colorado until next summer so we'll need to fly in a plane to go see them."
"Oh, that's a long time," my oldest said.  
"Yeah!  Let's go on airplane!" my two year old added. 
"That will be fun to go on an airplane!  Let's see how much flights are and Daddy and I will make a plan to start saving up for a family trip," I told them as I tried to keep my emotions at bay.  Just thinking about having to fly to see them makes me sick to my stomach.  "Okay - It looks like tickets are about $300 per person so we'll have to save $1,200 and then we'll visit," I explained.
"Oh!  I saved $300 for my train so I could save $300 for a plane ticket.  That will be my next goal.  I'll work hard so I can go see Brody and Gav," my oldest said.  

He has spent the last four months doing jobs for neighbors and family to earn enough money for a Lionel train and he just was able to buy it on Friday.  I couldn't believe that this five year old child would be willing to continue doing his odd jobs for a ticket to visit his cousins.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I told him how proud I was of him.  He is an inspiration and a reminder to all of us to focus on what really matters.  Each other.

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