Saturday, July 19, 2014

Look What You Did

I try to help my boys understand that there are consequences to their actions.  Sometimes the consequences are natural.  They know, for example, if they dump their food on the floor they will not be getting any more to eat.  They understand if they throw something and it breaks, it will not be replaced.  Those are natural consequences.  But sometimes they must have a little help seeing the direct results of their actions.

"OW!!!" my oldest yelled.  "That hurt!!"
I looked up from doing the dishes to see him rubbing his bum.  "What happened, bud?" I asked.
"I was just talking to Rosie then something hit me in the butt!" he explained.
I heard a stifled giggle from upstairs.  Apparently, my 2 year old was the culprit.  "Drew - What happened?" I asked.
"Oh I just threw something at Lukey from the loft," he said breezily.  He was still feeling good about hitting his target.
"Come downstairs," I said firmly.  "We don't throw things at each other.  Sit in time out," I said.

He stomped down the stairs and complained about the unfairness of this drastic punishment.  He finally made it to the time out spot and sat down in a huff.  After his three minutes, I made my way over to him.  "I need to you to talk to Luke about this for a minute," I said to him.
"Okay," he said cheerfully as he jumped up to freedom.
"Luke, can you tell Drew what happened when he threw that stick over the loft railing?" I asked.
"Sure.  You gave me a booboo right here," he said.  And then he proceeded to take off his pants completely and bend down with his butt in his brother's face.  "The stick hit me right here," he said through the opening between his legs.  "Is it red?  Can you see a mark?" he asked.
"Yeah, Luke.  I see it.  Sorry!" my two year old answered, totally unphased.

I guess he had to see it to believe it.

How do your children help each other to understand the consequences of their actions?  

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