Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Babies are Hard

When we think of babies, we think of their sweet smells, their cuddly little rolls and their innocent smiles.  We rarely remember the hard work that goes into raising one.  I know that this is God's design.  I know that if we really and truly remembered what it takes, we would all have one child.  I also know that God figured out how to make us love these tiny needy creatures more than life itself so that we could get through moments like this one.

My sweet girl had just woken up from her nap and we were "talking".  I had her propped up on my lap so that we were face to face and I was asking her questions.  She would coo and smile back at me in answer.  She's practicing all different sounds and she'll watch my mouth to see if she can imitate me.  She's started giggling and it's so cute that I can hardly contain my joy when I hear it.  She had just finished a giggle when her face got suddenly serious.  And then I heard it.

The sound of a big, giant poop.  This is usually something to be happy about.  She's had her struggles with constipation (won't she love reading this as a teenager?!) and she has recently overcome it.  We celebrate pooping.  I cheered for her and clapped her little fat fists together.  And then I felt something oozing down my leg.  

I lifted her up and found poop going all the way up her back, on my sheets and all. over. my. legs.  Exactly at that moment, my sister called to FaceTime.  I answered it only because I really miss her (She's in Denver...long story) and then realized that I had to change my sheets, wash my legs, change my shorts and give my daughter a bath.  My mind went into problem solving mode.  I kept my sister and my two nephews on FaceTime and managed to wrap Rosie in a towel.  I took off my shorts, wiped down my legs then headed into the laundry room to give the baby a bath in the utility sink.  Meanwhile, I talked to my nephews about their awesome new bikes and tried to keep the phone high enough that they wouldn't notice that I was standing in my underwear.  

And that's why we deserve great presents on Mother's Day.  I guarentee there is a moment like this in your day almost every day if you have small children.  These are moments that you have to stop whatever you are doing, create a list of to-do's based on whatever madness your child has created then make it happen.  All while holding a perfectly normal conversation with someone else.  When it's over, you fall in a heap or laugh out loud or cry.  All of those things are perfectly normal.  It's just what we do.  We love them unconditionally, care for them in every way and laugh at the crazy life we are leading.  And then we thank God for these wonderful, gross, complicated little beings that he has entrusted to our care.

Think back to your most hectic days as a parent.  Do you find humor in those days now that you have some perspective?  

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