Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Suddenly Two

Does it ever make you nervous when your children are quiet or getting along exceptionally well?  This morning, we had that exact scenario.  We had just woken up for the day but the boys had been playing for at least 45 minutes on their own.  They had been giggling together without a fight the entire time and finally, at 7 AM we knew we had to find out what mischief they had gotten into. "You have got to be kidding me," my husband said with a tinge of anger in his voice.  "Clean it up.  Start cleaning it up now." 

My curiousity got the best of me so I decided to peak out of the bedroom.  At first I just noticed flecks of color on the floor.  I went closer to the living room and saw at least 100 crayons scattered all over the room.  "What were you guys doing?" my husband was asking them.  "I told him not to do it, Daddy!  I kept telling him, 'You're going to get in big trouble when Mommy and Daddy wake up.'  I said it over and over, Daddy, but he didn't listen," my oldest said in a rush of words.  He was anxious to clear himself of all wrongdoing.  "I get it, bud, but what was he doing?" my husband asked again.  "I just crash crayons from upstairs and watch them SMASH downstairs!" my two year old explained enthusiastically.  "It make them POP!"  he said with a flourish.  

And, indeed, the crayons had popped.  The tips were broken off of most of them and a confetti of color covered the floor like it was Mardi Gras.  My husband, however, was not seeing the art of it.  He was seeing the giant incredible mess.  "You may not ever throw things over the loft and into the living room, Drew.  Never," he began.  My two year old interrupted, "Not even parachute guys?"  "Nothing.  Now clean every single crayon up now.  You may not do anything else until this floor is completely clean," he dictated.  My two year old slumped his shoulders in defeat.  "Oh man!" he said.

My two year old has suddenly become a real two year old.  Before, I could leave him to wander for 30 minutes and he would simply build with his blocks or shoot hoops in his toddler basketball hoop.  Now he finds trouble within minutes.  Whenever I look away, he unrolls every last bit of toilet paper to make himself a mummy or digs both hands into the peanut butter jar so that he can "have a little snack."  He decides to start a stamping project on his legs or he finds my eyeshadow and "paints his face".  As frustrating as the messes can be, I appreciate the humor of it a little more this time around.  I know that these are the stories that will become woven into our family and will make us laugh big belly laughs when they are a bit older.  My husband and I have an epic story of our oldest alone in his room with a Costco size bottle of baby powder. Believe me, that wasn't funny then but it sure is now.  I'm going to do my best to keep a closer eye on my little renegade and remember the humor when he does something that is so very two.

Do you have any great memories of your kids being and acting two?  Try telling your favorite at dinner tonight to your child or your husband.  

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