Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Know What I Can Give You

Our house has been sick for about two weeks.  I started with a cold then passed it around to everyone but my oldest.  My husband was the last to go down.  He's (thankfully!) not a whiney sick person.  He just puts his head down and pushes through it until he's better.  I try to take care of him with soup and medicine and Gatorade but he always just takes care of it himself.  "I got it, babe," he'll say.  But there was one thing I hadn't thought to offer.

My husband came home from work and went straight to the bedroom to lie down.  "This is the worst day so far," he said.  "I feel like I've been hit by a truck."  He never ever lies down unless he's really feeling bad so I went over to offer some help.  "Let me get dinner started for you, love.  Can I get you some more DayQuil?  Maybe some tea?"  I asked.  "No, I just want to lay here for a minute then I'll cook.  I'll be fine," he said.  Unbeknownst to us, my two year old was listening.

"Well I know what I can give you, Dada," he announced as he ran toward the bed.  "What's that, buddy?" my husband asked.  "I can give you a BIG hug," he replied.  He looked at his daddy with wide eyes filled with hope.  He wanted so much to please him.  "I would love that," my husband told him.  My little one lit up like a Christmas tree and climbed up onto the bed.  "Can I lay with you?" he asked my husband.  "Of course," my husband said as he scooped him up into a bear hug.

Is there any better feeling than someone really accepting your gift of love?  When we take care of the people we love, we are showing them what they mean to us.  When they receive our love, it can be an even bigger blessing.  

Be open to the blessing of receiving today.  Notice all the ways that the people in your life show you love.

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