Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Will You Miss?

I read a great piece in Parents Magazine the other day that asked what you will miss about your children being young.  Because each day is filled with reacting (cleaning up spills, taking them for potty breaks, feeding them, cleaning up after them, etc.) it's easy to take their little eccentricities for granted. I started thinking about the things I would miss about each of them.  I will miss my oldest's long and involved stories.  I will miss my middle one carrying around his Curious George likes it's an appendage.  I will miss the way my baby girl smiles at me the moment she sees me.  But one thing stuck out more than the others.  The G.

My middle child (2 1/2) has a wonderful vocabulary and will tell long involved stories about ideas he has or things he has done.  The catch is that almost every first consonant is replaced by a "G".  His brother Luke is Guke.  His sister Rosie is Gosie.  Why is guy.  I could go on and on.  When he doesn't hear you he says, "Gut you gay?" instead of "What you say?"  My husband and I fall into a fit of giggles everytime but last week, it got even funnier.

There was a tornado warning and so my oldest insisted that we hide out in my closet for safety.  I brought the iPad to watch SuperWhy (SuperGuy to my middle...) and my iPhone to track the storm.  They became less interested in the show and more interested in the radar.  I showed them were we were on the map and we talked about what all the colors meant.  We followed the rain and clouds as they moved North and we learned about how much wind affects weather.  They were fascinated.  

I clicked off my phone and picked up Rosie to give her some snuggles but my middle wasn't quite done.  "Mama, you have gaydar?" he asked.  "What did you need, love?" I asked.  "Gaydar.  You have gaydar, gight (right) Mama?"  he persisted.  I stifled a giggle and said, "Oh, you mean the radar?  Yes, I can turn on the radar for you."

I love that he doesn't worry about sounding silly.  I love that his faux pas become family jokes and part of our story.  And I will miss when he finally gets it gight...I mean right.

What will you miss most about the things your kids do now?

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