Friday, May 2, 2014

Have a Little Faith

I am learning that the trick of managing three small children is to ask for a lot of help.  My oldest likes to have jobs to do.  He pours the drinks, grabs things out of the fridge for lunch and helps organize and clean up activities.  My middle is like a golden retriever.  He wanders around happily and gets things when I make it a game.  "How fast can you run to get Rosie a diaper?!"  I'll ask in my best enthusiastic voice.  He will run full speed and return panting.  Sometimes he even remembers the diaper.  But I didn't think to ask for help with actually taking care of the baby until yesterday.

We were getting ready for nap time and my daughter had just woken up from hers (doesn't it always work that way?).  I laid her on the floor so that I could put a diaper on my middle, grab a few books and get settled.  In the two short minutes it took me to do this, I worried.  I worried about them stepping on her or dropping something on her.  When I wasn't worried about that, I was thinking that she doesn't get nearly the same amount of attention as the boys did and I began mentally preparing for the therapy she was going to need as an adult.  Aren't women nuts?  Anyway, I returned to the play room and found this scene:

"What are you guys playing?" I asked them.  "Oh we just didn't want Rosie to be bored so we found some toys in her closet for her," my oldest answered.  "We having tea party, Mama!" my toddler said.  "You want some tea?" he asked me.  "Of course!" I answered.  I sat down with a sigh of relief and took my make believe cookie to eat with my tea.  

They didn't get her trains or trucks or golf balls.  They found her little baby tea set and played something she would love.  They were as concerned about her well being as I was.  And when I looked at my daughter's face lit up with delight, I knew, once again, that everything would be okay.

Sometimes it's so easy to get stuck in the web of our minds.  We worry about things that never happen and it consumes so much of our energy.  It seems to be much more useful to have faith that, in time, everything will work out.  Because it always does.  Maybe not in our time or in the way that we planned, but it always works out.  Next time, instead of worry I will try to practice a bit more faith.

How many times do your worries turn out to be a waste of your time?  How can you choose trust and faith over worry?

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