Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Feel Like a Princess

My mom is a wonderful seamstress.  She made all of our Halloween costumes and countless fairy dresses.  She makes many of her own clothes and has recently challenged herself to make her own patterns.  It was going well until she got to the finished product.

I went over to her house this weekend and her sewing table was covered in sheets of vellum marked up with purple lines.  She enthusiastically shared her plans.  "Once you have the basic measurements and pattern pieces, you can do anything!" she explained.  She fanned through a book that held every shape of garment from tank tops to cocktail dresses.  "The sky really is the limit!"  She brought out a beautiful blue print that she was going to use to make a dress that would fit her measurements exactly.  I left inspired thinking about all the things I could try to create once I got my hands on the tools.

But her enthusiasm had completely waned by the time I saw her again.  "I finished the dress," she said flatly, "and I look like I'm wearing a tent!  Or a muu muu!  Maybe you have some ideas on how to fix it," she said.  She went into the bathroom to change and I headed to my bedroom to take care of the baby.  When she came out of the bathroom, my two year old was the first to see her.  "Granny!" he breathed, "You look like princess!" My mom, of course, melted and ran in to the bedroom to tell me what he had said.  

We put a few pins in the dress to tighten the fit in just the right places.  The alterations and a necklace made the look very flattering but I think my son's words did more.  She stood a little straighter in her creation after his kind words.  Even at 65, you still need to feel like you are as beautiful as a princess.

How do you children help restore your confidence?  Listen for their encouraging words and believe them.

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