Saturday, May 10, 2014

All I Can Think About

My husband has had a few trips in the last two weeks and I'm proud to say I didn't melt down.  But my oldest son did.  Big time.

He is very sensitive to change and he doesn't have trouble vocalizing it.  "You can't go on your trip, Daddy," he said to my husband.  "I will just miss you too much."  My husband tried to explain that the trip wasn't optional but that he would miss him very much too.  They made plans to send each other videos (my husband was to send one of the commuter train in Minneapolis and my son agreed to send him movies of what he was doing) but a black cloud hung over my son most of the week.  When he wasn't watching the train video on my iphone, he was acting out or sobbing.  When I would finally get him to curl up in my lap and talk, it would always come down to missing Daddy.

So when my husband surprised us and came home a few hours early, my son was beyond excited.  "Daddy!!!  You are home!  I can't believe you are home!  We got the train movie!  Wanna watch it?  Let's ride bikes!  Can we play outside?  Let's go swimming!"  I'm sure there were more ideas but I didn't hear them.  My husband (who had just flown 3 hours and driven 1) dropped his suitcase and headed right outside to play while my son continued to list ideas.

I got dinner ready and called everybody in to eat.  Once everyone was settled at the table, my oldest began to pray.  "Dear God, thank you so much for bringing Daddy home early.  Thank you for having him send the train movie and ride bikes with us.  I really can't believe Daddy's home.  I'm sorry God but all I can think about is Daddy.  Amen."  

My husband squeezed my hand and got a little misty eyed.  There's nothing like being missed and appreciated.  

It's so easy as parents to feel as if our job goes unnoticed.  It's easy to believe that we are taken for granted.  We spend our days doing menial jobs - washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming the floor, wiping bums.  But in the midst of all of that, we are also shaping their character, wiping their tears, catching them when they fall and chasing the monsters away.  We are their sense of security.  We are their life, at least for a little while.  They might not always say it, but know they feel it.  You are appreciated and loved.

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