Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tiny Details

Because this is my third child, I spend a lot of time trying to remember what my other babies did at different stages.  My oldest has a baby book that is fully filled out and tucked away in a keepsake box. This is a great reference.  My middle, however, has a baby book with a lot of blank space and a few pictures and stories.  I pretty much covered his life up to day three then dropped off.  With my little girl, I will try to be better.  But instead of worrying about the date that she rolls over, I think I'll focus a bit more on the tiny details.

Like how she always smiles right before she falls asleep.  When she is fed, warm and snuggled, she curls into the crook of my arm.  Her eyelids flutter as drifts and every once in awhile, she catches a glimpse of me and smiles.  It's a smile that says, "I love you...I'm so glad you're here."  And it makes me unbelievably grateful.

I'd like to remember that she loves to talk.  My boys would smile anytime they were tickled or kissed but she's different.  Give her a good conversation over tickles any day.  She will lock eyes with me and coo right back after I say something to her.  Her eyes become arches as her cheeks take over all the real estate on her face when she breaks out into a huge grin.  She delights in words.

Especially when I tell her she's beautiful.  From the time she was only a few weeks old, she would smile when I told her she was beautiful.  I think that simply makes her a woman.  Don't we all love to be told we are beautiful?

And I never want to forget her joy.  Everything delights her.  New toys, flowers, her brother's faces, a new texture or a new smell are all cause for celebration.  She will squeal, smile, kick and look at me like she's saying, "Can you believe how cool this is?!"  I love that.

There's something amazing about the fact that tiny little babies already have so much personality.  It's an incredible gift to watch them unfold and bloom into all that they are meant to be.  So what if we don't have time to write in their baby books - We're too busy nurturing a unique and wonderful person.

What tiny details do you want to always remember about your children at this stage?

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