Friday, April 4, 2014

Mental Maternity Leave

"Wow - You finally wrote something for Perchable.  It's been awhile," my husband said to me last night as he checked his email.  At first I felt defensive.  "Of course I haven't been writing!  I'm too busy running around like a crazy woman to write!" I thought.  Then I realized that it was one more thing to add to the list of things that was okay to give up as I figured out life with three kids.  Before she was born, I fully intended to keep writing.  I figured I was an old pro at this newborn thing and I could just keep right on trucking.  Not the case.  I started compiling a list in my mind of all the things that I had forgotten about the newborn stage and thought I would share it with you just in case you are living it right along with me.

Most of your time is spent feeding or cleaning up poop, puke and pee.  
My little one eats every three hours which doesn't seem like so much.  The actual feeding part is only ten minutes or so but then she needs to burp which leads to spit up on one or both of us.  This results in a clothing change for one or both of us.  I change her diaper and hope I don't get peed or pooped on.  If I don't, I usually find that poop has crept up her back and that I need to change her pretty little poop covered outfit.  By the time we're done, she wants to be fed again so we snuggle up for another feeding.  Meanwhile, I have two wonderfully energetic boys trying to jump on the bed, play catch and ask at least three dozen questions.

You won't know the answer to questions that start with "Did you..."
"Did you hear about that earthquake?" my dad asked me.  "What earthquake?" I asked him right back.
 "Did you hear about the shooting at Fort Hood?"  my husband asked me.  "The one last year?" I said back.  
"Did you take out the chicken for dinner?" my husband asked me.  "Did you ask me to do that?"
I have absolutely no idea what is happening beyond the walls of my house and some of that even escapes my attention.  If I remember to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I feel as if I have achieved a great victory.  I'll catch up on the news in a few months.

You will have no idea what day it is, let alone the month.
I read a devotional with my husband every morning that has the date and still I find myself thinking, "It can't be February...Is it March?  June.  It's got to be June," as we open up the pages.  When life is in a 24 hour cycle, time seems to fly by at a pace that is hard to comprehend.  I honestly thought I had been writing fairly frequently for Perchable until I looked at the archives.  Time only matters for the next feeding and nap time.

You will be more in love than you have ever been in your whole life.
Everytime I look at her, I am overwhelmed with love.  She is my answered prayer.  She is my dream come true.  And so are my crazy boys.  I see them all snuggled up on the bed together and feel the tears springing up into my eyes.  I don't care what month it is or what is happening in the world when I am surrounded by these incredible little people that make my world go round.  

If you are in a particularly overwhelming period of parenting (and let's face it, MOST of parenting is overwhelming!) then take heart and give yourself a little leeway.  You are doing the very best you can at this moment.  That is always enough.

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