Sunday, April 27, 2014

Imaginary Friend

My two year old has been whispering a lot lately.  We'll be driving down the road and I hear his little voice and I'll say, "Did you need something, bud?"  To which he'll reply, "No.  I just talking."  We've let him go with his whispering not thinking much of it.  I talk to myself all the time and I assumed that he was just trying that on for size.  Until I had some time to talk to him about it.

My oldest (and most talkative) child was staying at my parent's for a sleepover.  I love these nights because a.) I only have two children to take care of and b.) I get a lot of time to hear what is on my little one's mind.  He tries to tell me when his brother is around but his voice is often overshadowed.  My oldest will cut in mid-sentence to over explain what his brother was saying and I see my toddler getting increasingly frustrated.  He usually gives up, walks away and finds a ball to throw.  If it happens to hit his brother, so be it.  SO, when he gets time with just me, he opens up like a book.

I decided to take him to the park so I put the baby in the sling and we headed to the swings.  As I pushed him higher and higher, he started telling me things.  It started simple.  "Guke (Luke) make me mad but me love Gosie (Rosie).  She cute," he said.  I asked him some questions about that then I asked if he wanted to play "I Spy".  He said no.  When I asked why not he said, "I not good at it."  I encouraged him a bit then I heard the whispering start.  "Are you talking to me, love?"  I asked him.  He looked at me with his big solemn eyes as if deciding whether I could be trusted with this secret.  "No..." he started slowly.  "Me talking to the kid," he explained.  "Oh, the kid.  What's his name?" I asked.  "He the God kid.  Me talk to him," he told me.  He made eye contact again, trying to guage my reaction.  It's important to him to know that the things he says are right - I think because his brother is always correcting him.  Or maybe he's just a sensitive guy.  I did my best to act as if this was completely normal.  "What do you talk about with the God kid?" I asked.  "Nothing...just help sometimes.  He nice," he said simply.

I'm not sure if his imaginary friend is Jesus (the only God kid I know!) or if God is simply the only other invisible being we talk to.  I'm just glad that he feels that he can talk to the "God kid" when he needs help.  I'm glad that he already understands that he has someone beyond my husband or I that will look out for him.  Someone that will always be there to listen.

How can you encourage your children to look to God when they need help?  

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