Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best. Baby. Ever.

My toddler has a very tender heart.  He's the first one say, "I love you so much!" and the first one to cuddle up on my lap.  But he has a new woman in his life.  He has fallen head over heels for his baby sister.

He tries to break in her room a few times a day just to say, "It's okay, Rosie!" and if I try to dissuade him he'll tell me that, "She's crying for me!"  He says this even when she is sleeping soundly.  I worry about her safety with this thirty five pound bowling ball of a brother that loves to lay on top of her to give her hugs.  But when she gives him the biggest smile I have seen in days, I know the love is mutual.

This morning my toddler came in to my room right after I had finished feeding her.  I had her propped up on my lap and my toddler jumped right on the bed so he could see her face to face.  "Rosie!  Rosie!  Rosie!" he yelled trying to get her to respond.  "She said, 'good morning big brother!'" I said in hopes that he would stop saying her name over and over again.  I hadn't had any coffee quite yet and I'm not always nice before that first cup.  Anyway, it didn't work.  "Rosie!  Rosie!" he continued.  "You need to eat?" he asked her.  "Nope, I just fed her, love," I said.  "Me talking to Rosie," he reminded me.  "Oh yes.  She said, 'I just ate but thank you!'"  I said in my best Rosie voice.  "Your belly full?" he asked her.  "Yes!  I'm ready for a nap now," I said.  "Me give you big hug and kiss," he said to her.  He barreled

into her and I braced for impact.  "Night night, Rosie.  You best. baby. EVER!" he said as he threw his hands into the air.

I swear that God is showing me this in the midst of my other two fighting to remind me that they all do really love each other.  I know, without a doubt, that my kids will end up with an incredible bond.  I expect them to be very different and to fight for their individuality.  I expect them to drive each other absolutely crazy a lot of the time.  But I also expect them to love and respect each other at the end of the day.  I know this because I know each one of their hearts and they are pure and good and kind.  Thank you, God, for the reminder.

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