Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Worried about You

As I packed up my bag to head out for a few hours, my boys ran over to hug me.  "Me miss you!" my toddler said.  "I'll miss you too, love.  Give me a big hug!"  I said as I wrapped my arms around his sturdy little body.  My oldest grabbed onto my leg and said, "I'm really worried about you going out in this thunderstorm!  I want you to be safe.  I'm going to go get some bandaids in case the lighting gets you!"  He rushed to the bathroom and returned with a handful of Lightning McQueen bandaids.  "Thank you so much," I said to him.  "You do such a wonderful job taking care of Mommy."

When I got home, my toddler grabbed my hand tenderly and said, "See, you no get hurt from lightning."  I assured him that I was perfectly safe and he said, "That because me and God protect you."

Sometimes these little tiny moments blow me away.  I try to instill in them that it is important to always look out for each other.  I try to tell them to use their strength to protect people who are weaker rather than to fight.  But so many times it feels like talking to a wall.  When I hear them say those sweet things back to me, it is incredibly reassuring.  They are listening.  They are doing their best.  And they are, ultimately, wonderfully kind and loving people.

How do your children let you know they are listening to the character traits you are trying to instill?  What traits are most important to you?

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