Thursday, February 13, 2014

Please Show Up

In the past nine days, I have gone through an emergency c-section and the recovery that comes along with it.  I have watched my tiny 4 pound 10 oz child be whisked away to the NICU after I gave her a tiny kiss on the cheek.

I have touched her from my wheelchair as I reached through the armhole on the incubator.  I have watched the fear and love in my family's eyes as they stroked her tiny face. 

I have cried so many times that I seem to have lost count.  I pray every day for God to show up - Give me a sign that He is here with us.  And he has done that every hour of every day.

He showed up when I was able to hold her the very first time.

He showed up when her feeding tube was removed and she latched on without a moment's hesitation.

He showed up when my sweet wonderful boys came to see us armed with pictures they had drawn to comfort me and endless hugs and kisses for their sister.  My oldest even brought a tiny pink balloon that he said I could hold since I couldn't hold his tiny sister for awhile.

He showed up when hundreds of prayers have been said for us by people we don't even know.  He showed up alongside all of our family and friends that rallied around us with food, love, gifts and hugs.  He showed up when I was deep in fear about her safety and three people knocked on my door with a willing ear and solid information that alleviated my fears.  And he showed up this morning when her numbers came back and we are released to go home.  We are free to really make a go at being a family of five.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers.  They are felt and they are certainly being answered.  

Kate and my little Rosalie

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