Friday, February 21, 2014

Pay More Attention

We have been home for four days and I'm happy to report that we have begun to deal with some very normal new baby issues.  My boys fully expected me to come home and have everything return to the status quo.  They wanted me to take long walks, run up and down the stairs thirty times a day and get them anything their little hearts desire.  But reality has been somewhat different.  I'm still recovering from my c-section (although I'm a million times better than I was two weeks ago!) and I'm trying to follow the rules.  That means I have to say "no" about a lot of things.  No stairs, no touching the baby without washing your hands, please get your own juice box, etc.  I also have this teeny tiny needy person that I carry around all day.  Thankfullly, the boys are not upset with their little sister.  They are upset with me.

"Me try bottle!" my toddler announced as I gave our daughter her vitamins.  "Yeah!  Let's have some milk in a bottle!" my oldest said.  They scurried over to the cabinet and asked my husband to fill up some of the baby's bottles with milk.  "Just regular cow's milk.  NOT baby milk," my oldest clarified.  My husband followed orders and gave them the bottles.  They walked back to the living room and giggled over their silliness.  "The reason we want to drink out of bottles, Mommy," my oldest explained, "is because we think you will pay more attention to us if we act like babies.  You seem to only want to pay attention to Rosie."

I just stared at him for a full second.  I had expected collosal temper tantrums and other forms of disorderly conduct.  I did not expect a clear, concise explanation of what was on his mind.  I told him that I understood how hard that must be.  I explained that babies need lots of love and attention.  Still, I knew that he needed special time, too.  We agreed to lay her down for a nap and do something fun together.

Finding balance when there is a new person in the house is never easy.  My husband and I fully expected the disruption of our lives; This is, after all, the third time we've done it.  But our sons will have to go through their own adjustment period.  We will all have to recalibrate and figure out how to get our needs met.  I just hope and pray that we can all be as articulate as my oldest was this week when we feel like we're falling to the bottom of the list.  

How do you make sure to have one on one time with your children?  Do you have any tips for finding balance with a new baby?

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