Monday, January 27, 2014

What Does THAT Do?!

My oldest son has been fascinated with how an ultrasound really works.  Each time we come home with a new batch of pictures, he wants to know more about this mysterious machine.  How can it see what we can't?  Does the camera go inside my belly?  Does the baby like getting her picture taken?  We have done our best to answer his questions but thought it might be best to just bring him along for our weekly ultrasound at our OB/GYN's office.

Since the visit is simple (blood pressure, weight, fetal heart monitor then ultrasound), I thought it would be a good one to bring him to.  I wasn't about to take a chance waiting any longer because, well, it's an OB/GYN office and there are some exams he just shouldn't be there for.  But, of course, he found all the stuff we didn't want to talk about.

After he had exhausted a line of questioning about the fetal heart monitor and the graph that was slowly printing out, he started exploring.  He looked under the exam table and found a large light.  "Oooh what's that for!?" he asked.  My husband locked eyes with me and telepathically said, "How in the hell am I supposed to answer that question?!"  He decided to go with a vague response.  "It's a light," he said.  My son was not satisfied.  "Why does the doctor need a light?" my son asked.  "To see things," my husband said lightly.  "What does he need to see?" my tenacious son continued.  "The baby," he answered.  We sat very still and hoped that was the end of it.

The doctor came into the room at that very moment and my son introduced himself then said, "Dr. Garner, what exactly is that light for?"  My doctor took a similar route as my husband.  "So that I can see better," he said.  "Is it so you can see the baby?" my son asked (he apparently did not buy my husband's answer).  "Sometimes.  Would you like to see the baby now?" my doctor asked as he switched on the ultrasound machine.  He is obviously a pro at distracting small children.  "Okay!  Just tell me if you need the light and I'll grab it for you," my son told him.  "Deal," my doctor answered.

This is a child that always gets his questions answered completely.  He sensed our evasiveness immediately and he became a dog with a bone.  While I wanted him to learn about the visit, I'm not sure he's quite ready for the details of a gynocological exam.  I'm just glad he didn't find the stirrups.

How can you turn your everyday experiences into field trips for your smaller children?  Is there anything they have been asking about lately that you can explore?  Anywhere but the OB/GYN should be a good choice.

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