Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moments in Time

I went to the OB yesterday and our baby girl is looking like quite the fighter.  Her heart rate and movement are strong and they are not worried about her being in distress at the moment.  Still, they do not want me to carry her to term.  They don't want to risk her becoming very anemic if she can be safe and sound outside the womb.  "Let's see if we can keep this girl fighting for one more month," my doctor said yesterday.  "Then we'll definitely deliver."  That means that she will be born three weeks before her due date.  We can handle that just fine.  It didn't hit me until that night that I will have a baby a month before I really planned.

Rather than feeling anxious (that's been me for the last 3 weeks), I've started wanting to freeze small moments in time.  I woke up this morning thinking that our lives will be forever changed by the birth of this little miracle in 30 short days.  Never again will it be just me and my guys.  And so I decided to embrace this time with them fully.  I decided to be in the moment rather than worrying about what will happen next.  As I sit here with my two little boys blissfully asleep, I can honestly say that those decisions led to one of the best days we've had in a really long time.

It was nothing crazy - A long bike ride followed by digging in the dirt.  We spent some time doing school work then I filled up a big bucket of water for them to measure and pour.  It turned into a splash fight and fits of giggles that I can still hear in my mind.  The giggles turned to fighting ("No SPLASH me!!!")  and so we cleaned up and read some funny poems.  We laughed together about a skunk spraying a barking dog then it was time for a nap.  We have hundreds of days like this.  But each time I watched them scoop up a handful of dirt or dip themselves into the bucket of water, I thought, "Remember this.  Cherish this." It made the day so full of sweetness.  It reminded me that sometimes enjoying your children is a decision.

We can look at them as a burden or a challenge.  We can count down the hours until they go to bed (Ahem, not that i've EVER done that...) but we can just as easily remember that they are a gift from God.  They are a constant source of joy if we can receive the gift of their love and their spirit.  

How can you change how you look at your children today?

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