Friday, January 31, 2014

A Beautiful Prayer

I had a day on my own yesterday and I was really looking forward to some quiet.  Life has felt noisy lately and I just needed some time to think.  While I started the day with a doctor appointment, the rest of it was filled with cruising the aisles at Target (without anyone talking to me, asking me if they can have something or crying about leaving the toy aisle) and having some delicious soup at Panera while I read a book.  The only thing that interrupted my peace was the contractions.  Consistant contractions that seemed to be getting stronger as I attempted to ignore them.

I had a ton of Braxton hicks contractions with my boys and this didn't feel the same.  Braxton Hicks are never spaced perfectly at 3-4 minutes apart for 2 hours.  Braxton Hicks don't feel crampy and achy.  So I called the doctor.  Before I could complete the whole tale, the nurse asked, "how soon can you get to the hospital?"  The answer was 30 minutes.  My husband cancelled an afternoon of conference calls and rushed home to pick me up.  

I didn't feel afraid - I was too uncomfortable to worry, I guess.  I was checked in and the nurse strapped on the monitors to see how Rosie was tolerating the contractions and to measure the length and severity of the contractions.  As she velcroed the strap around my belly she said, "Let's just see if you're really contracting, okay?" in a sing song voice.  I wanted to say, "Look lady - this is my third kid.  Trust me on this one."  Luckily, a contraction hit right then so I smiled sweetly and breathed through it. After fifteen minutes or so, she checked the print out and said,  "Oh look at that!  You are having contractions 3-4 minutes apart!"  No kidding.  While I was glad to hear that my instincts were on target, I wasn't so sure it was the news I wanted.  The nerves started to kick in.

As she walked out of the room, my cell phone rang.  It was one of our pastors, Charles, who also leads the praise band that I sing in.  I had called him on the way to the hospital to tell him I wouldn't be able to make it to practice and he was returning my call.  He said to me, "Can you do something for me?  It might sound weird, but can you put your phone on speaker and let me talk to Rosie for a minute?"  I followed his instructions and listened as he told her how loved she is, how this world will be waiting for her - just stay put and be patient.  He told her he has seen pictures of her and she is truly beautiful.  His own daughters couldn't wait to meet her and hold her.  Then he prayed for her safety, for her health and for her comfort.  By the end, I was wiping tears off my cheeks.

They were able to stop the labor with a shot and for that I was thankful.  But my husband and I left with a whole other feeling of comfort.  We realized what it means to truly be surrounded by people of God.  We felt so much love from Charles and it felt as if his words were a salve to our worried hearts.  We felt protected and I'd like to think that our little Rosie did too.

Who helps you through times of stress?  Do you find that other people's prayers lift you up more than your own?

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