Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spontaneous Joy

I had some time with my two year old the other night and it brought the simple joys of Christmas into sharp focus.  I had to take my dog on a walk and it was pitch black outside by 5:30.  My little one and I had slipped on jackets and headed outside.  My plan was to take him a few houses down then back home but my little one had other plans.

"Mama!  Look!  Lights blinking!" he shouted as he spotted some Christmas lights a neighbor had recently strung on their bushes.  "You're right!" I said to him.  "Wanna go check it out?"  I asked.  
"Let's RUN!" he said as he grabbed my hand and headed for the source of the lights.  He went right up to the bush and wanted to know all about how they could blink when all the others didn't.  As I explained my eyes searched the rest of the block to see what other Christmas lights I may have failed to notice.  I realized that almost every house had some kind of decoration out.  "Hey bud - Should we check out ALL of the lights?" I asked him.  "Yeah!!!" he shouted.  

We walked the whole neighborhood discussing the merits of colored versus white lights, the need for blow-ups versus the lights shaped like candy canes and Christmas trees.  We found a blow up polar bear and my son fell in love.  He ran up to it and enveloped the air filled toy in a hug.  "Hi bear!  Hi.  How you, bear?" he asked him.  We stayed at the house so long that the neighbor (whom I didn't know!) came out of the house to see what all the commotion was about.  Thankfully, he was friendly and very glad to share his bear with a two year old.  

We walked back home hand in hand at first then, worn out after all the excitement, he asked me to hold him.  He laid his sweet head on my shoulder the rest of the way.  As I snuggled him close to me, I felt such joy at the spontaneity of our fun together.  It wasn't something I had to plan for, pack for or clean up after.  It really was just about being together.  And that, I think, is the best kind of Christmas memory.

What spontaneous Christmas fun have you had this year?  

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