Monday, December 30, 2013

Sharing a Room

We live in a three bedroom home that will shortly be filled with five people.  We had planned for this for a long time - My oldest has been in a bunk bed for almost a year.  He has been very excited about sharing his room with his younger brother but his brother didn't feel quite the same way.  Each time I would ask my two year old, "Are you ready to try sleeping in Luke's room?"  He would lay his head on my shoulder and say, "Not yet, Mama.  Not yet."  We still have a few months so I haven't pushed it. I have been very worried about him feeling displaced.  I don't want him to feel like I'm kicking him out of his space because there is a new baby in town.  My oldest, however, has remained diligent in his quest to have a bunk mate.

"Wanna sleep in my room tonight, Drew?" he will ask two or three times a week.  "Nope," my little one will say.  "Okay!" my oldest responds as he bounds off to his next activity.  But last night the conversation changed.  As we finished up our prayers and started eating dinner, my oldest asked his favorite question, "Wanna sleep in my room tonight, Drew?"  This time, Drew tilted his head to the side as if he was seriously considering this choice then said, "Yeah!  Share room!" My oldest erupted in cheers but I was hesitant to take his word on this one.  I decided we would take it slow and do a trial night.

We headed up the stairs and my oldest took charge.  "Drew, are you going to want your easel in our room?  What about Mickey?  Should we bring your books?"  he asked.  Apparently, he was moving in. This, I think, was a sneak preview of his future dating life.  Drew answered each of his questions and we carried his favorite things into his brother's room.  My husband set up the bed rails on the bottom bunk and my oldest ran in with Drew's most prized possessions.  "Drew!!  Don't forget Curious George and your monster blankie!!"  Drew grabbed them both and fell into the bed as if he'd slept there for years.

After their baths, we read stories and snuggled them into their respective bunks.  Amazingly, they went right to sleep.  As I crawled into my own bed and took at peek at the monitor, I was overtaken with a feeling of melancholy.  My baby boy is moving to the next step.  He is a little boy, ready to tell us what he feels ready to tackle.  I worry about how he will do when his baby sister arrives but this reminded me that he can handle much more than I think he can.  If things become too much, he will be able to tell me and I, hopefully, will be ready to listen.

How do your children tell you they are ready to take on the next challenge?  When you have doubts, do you think it's because of your own fears or theirs?

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