Sunday, December 1, 2013


Fill in the blank: Road trips with kids are ____.  Awesome, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  No matter how you play it, they are long and filled with extra pee stops, endless questions (Are we there yet?) and complaints.  We had a four hour drive ahead of us to visit my in-laws .  I wanted to set the stage for success.

"Won't this trip be so fun in our new car?" I asked the boys on the way home from church.  "You'll have the DVD player to watch movies and I'm packing a surprise kit for each of you filled with things to do."  My oldest picked it up from there.  "That will be so fun to watch Rio in the car!  Can we bring cars to race, too?" he asked.  "Sure!  Why not!"  I told them.  My oldest had just begun to pick up steam.  "We could listen to our Mickey CD and maybe even color!  Won't that be fun, Drew?"  I looked back to see my little one give his brother a look that said, "You are ridiculous" then he said in a flat tone, "Nope."

I love that this child tells it like it is.  His brother and I love to live in a fantasy land where everything has possibilies.  Every experience has a silver lining and life is what you make it.  My little one, however, has no such pretenses.  If something sucks, he'll be the first to tell you.  Why waste time lying about it?  He is the perfect balance to my oldest and me.  Just like his Daddy.

How do your children's personalities help to balance your family?  

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