Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nine Pounds

"Maybe this will be your biggest baby yet," my OB told me.  "Who knows, maybe she will be a nine pounder!"  I gave him a flat look.  This man has delivered my babies and my sister's babies and I know him well.  He was just trying to make me feel better about the fact that I had gained nine pounds in 30 short days.  "Don't worry!" he said, still trying to save my ego, "If you only gain one pound next month, you'll be right back on track!"  While I appreciated his efforts, I was too busy cataloging my daily calorie intake to really listen.  "How in the world can I slow this down?" I asked him.  "Increase your activity, maybe hold off on the cookies and ice cream and make smarter snack choices.  Other than that, your body will do what it will do," he shared.  Ain't that the truth.  

I had noticed that my maternity jeans had started getting snug and that my butt certainly was quite a bit wider but, hey, that's pregnancy right?  I just have worn more leggings and longer shirts.  No biggie.  But when I heard the number nine pounds, I felt...well....embarassed.  While I know there is nothing uglier than vanity, I have to admit that I am quite vain.  I have held the fact that I only gained 30 pounds with each of my boys like a badge of honor.  I fully expected to repeat my past performance with my little girl.  But pregnancies and parenting are anything but predictable.

My friends have rallied and shared their numbers with me.  "I gained fifty pounds with my first!  Now I'm back in a size 2!" one said.  "You look AMAZING!  People would kill to look like you!" another said.  I went on Babycenter for further encouragement and found posts like this on a thread about weight gain.  "Can't they just let us enjoy eating during pregnancy?  The rest of it is so hard!  Don't take away my cookies!"  Cheers to that one.  So what does all of this add up to?

My body will do what it will do.  I will love my curves while I have them, even if it means I have to buy a few new pairs of maternity jeans.  I will not give up my cookies and ice cream but I will be a little more aware of the quantity of food that goes in my mouth (i.e. stop when I'm full).  And mostly, I'm going to ease up on the pressure to look like Megan Fox while I'm pregnant.  Who told us we had to do that anyway?

How did you deal with body image when you were pregnant?  Did you feel beautiful and radiant or rotund?  What helped you to let go and let your body "do what it will do"?

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