Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Are They Thankful For?

I love Thanksgiving.  I love the idea of spending an entire day being thankful for all that God has given us.  And yet I see most of our focus on the food we will eat and the football we will watch.  Of course I am looking forward to heaps of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes (and maybe a whole pumpkin pie if I can swing it!) but I feel convicted about teaching my kids what Thanksgiving is really about.

I found an idea on Pinterest to make little cornucopias out of sugar cones.  She filled them with autumn mix candy corn then wrapped them in plastic and a little ribbon.  I decided to take her idea one step further and have my children tell me who they were most thankful for and why.  We would attach the note and give them out to all of their loved ones and friends.  We started with a list.

"Who are you most thankful for?" I asked them.  "Granny..." my oldest said continuing to think.  "I'm thankful for her because she lets us swim in our undies!"  Heartfelt, I know.  "Granny come?  Granny come now?" my little one asked.  "Not right now, babe.  Who are you thankful for?"  I asked him.  "Dada!" he answered.  We continued like this for a few minutes until my oldest cut in.  "I'm thankful for God of course," he said.  "God?" I said.  "Can you tell me a little more about that?" I asked.  "I'm really thankful that he loves us!" my son said.  

And so am I.  I'm even more thankful that that feeling lives in my son's heart.  If he never remembers a Bible story or verse, he will understand the absolute truth of Christianity.  God is love.  I wrapped up God's cornucopia and I plan on keeping the note in his memory book.  I want him to have that reminder in case there's ever a tough time in his life that leads him to question his faith.

Who are your children most thankful for this Thanksgiving?  How can you keep the true spirit of Thanksgiving in your holiday?

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