Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Minivan Club

When my husband and I had our first son, we made a promise to one another.  Never ever, no matter what, would we buy a minivan.  This was a solemn vow meant to keep some element of cool as we entered parenthood.  "There are SO many SUV options," we would say.  "I don't ever think we would need one!"  Fast forward five years.  We are the proud and deliriously happy owners of a minivan.  Why the change, you ask?  Well, let me explain.

As the time for baby #3 approaches, we are starting to think logistics.  Where will the stroller fit?  How will we get everyone buckled in comfortably?  Will I be able to reach the car seat when there is a screaming infant that needs a binky?  As we went through each scenario with our SUV, we realized we were hitting a lot of brick walls. We could make it work, but it wasn't going to be very comfortable.  (Sidebar - Have you ever notice how important comfort becomes when you're pregnant??  It's all I think about!)  So I let the word we promised never to say creep out of my mouth.  "Do you think we should at least look at a minivan?  See what they are all about?" I tentatively asked my husband.  "Well, it couldn't hurt," he said revealing that the same thought had crossed his mind.  "Why don't I go down to the dealership while the boys are sleeping?  If it's worth a look, I'll bring you guys over later," he suggested.

After a test drive and a conversation with the car salesmen, he snuck out to tell me some details.  "Babe," he said in a stealthy voice.  "It has a mini fridge.  And all the seats fold up to make room.  And all the car seats can fit in the same row.  And, get this, it has a TRASH CAN!"  I tried to hold in the enthusiasm that was growing.  He continued, "How about I bring it home so that you can check it out?" he suggested.  And so he did.  

It was love at first sight.  Those things have changed a lot since the shoeboxes of the 90's.  It was sleek, comfortable (there's that word again!) and EASY.  My boys felt the same.  "New Car!  Me like new car!" my little one said.  "Take ride?" he asked.  My oldest realized quickly that he could open his own door with the push of a button.  "I can open my own door without smashing Daddy's car and close it without smashing my fingers!  THIS IS SO EXCITING!"  he yelled as the door slid neatly closed. We were all smitten.  We had to have it.

We are now proud members of the minivan club.  Our preconceived notions held us back for way too long.  It showed me how important it is to revisit things that that we believe.  We've got to check our facts, see what's changed (even if it's just ourselves that have changed!) and then make decisions based on the way our lives are today.  Now I must go...My surround sound and leather interior are calling.

What things have you decided to try that you never thought you would?  Have the results surprised you?

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