Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some New Shirts

One of my husband's best attributes is his generosity.  He would give anyone anything they needed without a second thought.  I have seen him go through our baby clothes to give them to a single mom at church and I've seen him buy ten boxes (not exaggerating) of Girl Scout cookies from a little girl selling them in front of her home.  I'll never forget that little girl's smile as she ran into her house to fill his order.  He spoils me, too.  I have to watch what I say or else I know that the item will be on our doorstep or the meal I craved will be prepared.  Apparently, my oldest son has been paying attention.

I hugged my son last night before bed and he peered up at me over my burgeoning belly.  "You're shirts getting a little too small!" he said in a teasing voice.  I looked down and realized that an inch of my tummy was peeking out of the bottom of my t-shirt.  I have bought plenty of oversized shirts for the daytime but I just haven't wanted to invest in big clothes for bedtime.  My husband has an overflowing drawer of t-shirts I can grab when mine get a bit snug.  

"You are right!" I replied to my son.
"You'll just have to go out and buy some bigger shirts," he said to me.  He's used to growth spurts that bring on shipments from Old Navy and it seemed a logical step.  "No, that's okay," I said.  "I can just sleep in Daddy's t-shirts."  "No, Mommy.  You need some bigger shirts,"  he stopped and thought for a minute.  "I'll tell you what.  I'll just go shopping with Daddy and I'll use my money to buy you some bigger shirts for night time," he said.

This child makes $1 a day from doing his chores and he wants to use to it buy me clothes?  How in the world did I get so lucky to have two generous men in my life?  I wrapped my son in another longer hug and told him what a blessing he was.  I told him that he will make a wonderful husband someday.  I know it's true, because I have one just like him.  

What traits do you see your children picking up from you or your spouse?  We so often focus on the bad ones...What about the good ones?

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