Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Potty Training! Or Not...

I had a plan for potty training.  My son was to follow in his brother's footsteps, get completely potty trained by two and be very good at doing it on his own by the time the baby was born.  After two failed attempts, I have realized that this is not up to me.

The first round of trying started right after his second birthday in September.  We bought undies with his favorite characters, downloaded the "My Potty" app and started reading books about going to the potty.  My oldest even tried to add to the excitement.  "Did you know you get an M&M if you go in the potty!?" he asked his brother.  The words were practically bursting from his mouth.  My youngest perked up.  "Candy?" he asked me.  "M?"  "Yes, you do get an M&M if you go in the potty.  Want to try?" I asked him.  "YEAH!" he said.

We put his little undies on, took pictures to commemorate the day and spent the rest of the day cleaning up puddles every fifteen minutes.  The best part?  He didn't even care that he was soaking wet.  At one point I found him sitting in the puddle of pee while happily playing with his cars.  Clearly, we weren't quite there.

We tried again a few days ago with a little less hoopla.  I asked him if he was ready to try undies and he said, "okay" without making eye contact.  That same day, my oldest had a stomach virus and made his own fair share of dirty undies.  I pushed on (why?  I have no idea.) and my youngest peed in the potty as long as we took him every thirteen minutes.  Yeah, you heard me.  It was awful.  Either he was peeing his pants or my oldest was pooping in this.  Meanwhile, our microwave timer was beeping incessantly every. thirteen. minutes.

We through in the towel at naptime and as I tucked my little one in, I asked him a question.  "How come you don't like peeing in the potty?"  I asked.  "Too busy," he replied.  "Night Mama!"  So I've decided that this is not an issue to be forced.  I can't say I would want to be interrupted every thirteen minutes to go pee.  I really do get where he's coming from.  It's just one more thing to add to my list of things that I cannot control.

Have you changed your ideas of what and when your kids will do things?  Do you remember being pregnant the first time and thinking that you would make all these decisions?  HA!

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