Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mama! Up!

I am convinced that Daylight Savings was invented with the purpose of torturing parents of young children.  Whether the clock falls back or forward, someone in the family starts falling apart.  In this case, with the clocks falling back, our kids are determined to enjoy the time to stay up late and then wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed around 5:45.  My husband and I are the ones that seem to be falling apart.  Until this morning.

Since Sunday, we have heard my little one yell into the monitor, "Mama!  Daddy!  Up!  Come.  Get.  Me."  He puts this on repeat with the timing and accuracy of a recording until I drag myself out of bed, flip on the coffee pot and start the day and hour before I should.  My husband groans, rolls over and says, "This is horrible!  I hate this!" and I have to agree.

My oldest is always an early riser but he will play by himself for an hour or more.  He knows that he needs to wait to come into our room until, "Seven Zero Zero" or 7:00.  When he sees our bleary eyed faces before six zero zero, he is delighted.  "Mommy!  Daddy!  Come and see what I built with my legos.  Can you get me a drink?  Can you open my granola bar?  Did you know that Drew is up?  I heard him yelling.  Can I go up and get him? Did you get my granola bar yet?"  I am pretty sure that I just stand there with my mouth open like an idiot because I can't even begin to process the first question he asked let alone all the questions that followed.  I usually pick one.  "Sure, you can go get Drew," I said on Monday morning.  And that's when I heard my son come up with a genius idea.

"Good morning, Drew!!" he yelled as he burst through my youngest's door.  "Did you know that when you wake up you can just ask for me?  I can come and get you and we can just play and play and play until Mommy and Daddy wake up!"  he said with enthusiasm.  My youngest gave him an open mouthed stare that mirrored the one I had given his brother just moments before.  "Okay, Guke (Luke)" he said.  I told them both that they could definitely do that but they needed to lock the gate and play upstairs in the playroom until one of us came to get them.  They agreed to the guidelines and I crossed my fingers.

For the last two days, we've heard the, "Mama!  Daddy!  Up!" loop interrupted by the opening of his door.  "Hi Guke!  Get.  Me.  Up?" my youngest asks.  "Yep!  Just climb out of your bed and I'll go lock the gate so that WE CAN PLAAAY!" my youngest yells as he sails past the reach of the monitor.  This morning we heard the gate lock into place and my husband and I were able to make coffee and talk in peace for a solid half hour.  By the time we were hanging out with the kids, we had our wits about us and we felt so thankful.  

While my boys spent at least half of the time squabbling over toys, they were playing together.  They were learning from each other.  And they made six AM seem just a little bit brighter.  For that, I am truly thankful.

How do you get through Daylight Savings?  Any tricks you can share?

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