Monday, November 4, 2013

A Giving Heart

Sometimes my children's generosity is quite shocking to me.  We recently started a program called "Lost in India" that has a mission to send Indian children to Bible camp.  Each week, they release a new video diary that runs about five minutes and shows the kids what it's really like in India.  The adventure is free and they even send an "Adventure Kit" with a map, stickers to track their journey and backpack piggy bank.  I told my oldest that we could send one kid to Bible camp for every $1 we put in the jar and his eyes went wide.

"I have lots and lots of dollars!  I have all those dollars that Grandma and Grandpa gave me and all the money from my chores.  Quick, let's go upstairs and see how many dollars we have!"  he yelled as he bounded upstairs to his bedroom.  At 5 months pregnant, I'm not so good at bounding but I did trudge up the stairs trying to show my enthusiasm in other ways.  "That's a great idea, buddy!  Let's go check it out," I answered.  

He pulled down his Maxwell House coffee container that is at least half full of change.  I let him know that four quarters make a dollar so maybe we could grab four at a time.  "Oh no, Mommy!  I'm just going to give it all to them!  We can count it later!"  Generosity or counting avoidance?  Either way, I was proud.  "That is so generous, love," I told him, "but it's okay if you want to keep some of it for yourself."  "That's okay," he replied swiftly, "I'll just give the rest to you and Daddy to buy groceries for the family."

I quickly assured him that we have enough money for groceries but that his willingness to share meant the world to me.  He filled the backpack bank up with money until we couldn't fit anymore in the box.  I felt as if my heart was just as full.  

I hope that we can all take a step back and think about how we can help someone today with that same fullness of spirit.  He didn't begrudgingly give.  He didn't give because he felt he should.  He gave because he wanted to.  I'm going to match his gift to the children in India today and I hope that I run into someone else that could use my time, talents and treasures.  My son has reminded me of the great joy that can come from giving.

How will you give with joy today?

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