Monday, October 21, 2013

What to Be for Halloween?

This question is always an easy one to answer for my oldest.  You guessed it, a train.  While I am all about letting my children express themselves, he has already been a train for Halloween and had three (yes three) train themed birthday parties.  It's time to shake things up.  We threw out suggestions to him on the car ride home from my mom's.  

"What about a digger?" my husband asked him.  "Nah, I won't be able to ride in the wagon if I'm a big digger," he replied.  There was no disputing that so we moved on.  "How about a volcano?  That might be cool!" I suggested.  "Nope.  Too big.  Can't sit down if I'm a volcano," he answered.  "How about that bird from Rio (his latest favorite movie).  What's his name?  Blu?" my husband asked him.  "Yeah!  I can be Blu!  Daddy, you can be Nigel because he's crabby sometimes and Mommy can be Jewel because she has big beautiful eyes like she does!"  my son answered.  My heart swelled at that sweet and pure hearted compliment.  My husband meanwhile started arguing the crabby charge and told my son that he would rather not be the rude bird.  I drifted from the conversation and started trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make him into a blue macaw.

I perused the racks of Goodwill and found a blue hooded shirt that would work as a base.  I bought some feather boas at the fabric store along with some black felt to make the beak and eyes.  For my costume, I found a red bob wig and some big glasses that looked just like my character.  I met up with my mom shortly after to show her my loot and get her ideas on the best way to construct this thing.  "Honey, it's all great," she said tentatively, "but Jewel is the bird.  The bird he's in love with.  Not the girl that owns him."

Oh.  I missed that.  First I digested the fact that I would now have to figure out a way to dress up as a blue macaw with a pregnant belly then I realized the sweetness of what he had said.  He wanted me to be the one he's in love with.  I have heard that little boys fall in love with their moms around four.  I just never expected the amount of love he has for me.  I never expected his bright eyes and the unexpected hugs and the pronouncements of his love.  It's enchanting.  It's beautiful.  It's probably the reason every mother cries the day her son gets married.  We can only be that special woman for a short time.  If I have to wear blue feathers to keep this up then so be it.

Have your little boys ever expressed their love to you in unexpected ways?   Does the same thing happen with little girls and their daddies?  Embrace the time and tell me the story.  I would love to hear it.

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