Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Memory Lane

Our trip was incredibly rich with memories for me.  It seemed that every house, tree and hill held a story in my heart.  There was the tree that my sister and I always used to climb.  There was the house with the crabby old lady that never had Halloween candy.  There was the hill that my sister and I would spend hours rolling down and running up.  And the smells!  Fires burning, fresh fallen leaves, the smell of the misty lake - If only I could bottle those up and take them home.  The best I could do was try to capture some pictures of my favorite things.  Here are a few of them and the memories that I hold close to my heart.
This is the house that, as a country crooner says, "built me".  It was our getaway.  It was the place of parties, movies in the middle of the afternoon and warm cups of coffee or hot chocolate steaming as we watched the sun come up over the lake.

This is the old church bell that stood in our front yard.  My parents would ring it when it was time for my sister and I to come back for lunch or dinner.  My oldest said, "So you guys just ran around?  With no grown-ups?"  When I told him yes, we did that all the time he said, "Wow, I'm not used to that. I'm just used to my sidewalks."  It made my husband and I start thinking about how we might be able to change that.

This is the view from our old dock.  I couldn't capture the beauty of it here but we spent hours swimming in this cove and the beach across the way.  

This is my youngest on a boat ride in our old boat.  My dad got misty eyed watching my son dip his hands in the water saying that, "he had always dreamed of sharing this with the next generation."  I understood exactly.  I learned how to tube, ski and wake board behind this boat.  It was the first thing I could drive and it gave me complete independence.  My sister and I would take it to the marina and buy frozen Kit Kats and ice cream. We thought we were big stuff.

Here's papa with his boys and toothpicks at one our favorite ice cream haunts.

And my oldest jumping in the leaves and enjoying the wonder of fall.

The greatest thing about memories is that time and space cannot take them away.  They are a true gift.  

What memories do you hold closest to your heart?  How do you try and recreate them for your children?

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