Friday, October 11, 2013

It's a GIRL!!

I woke up yesterday at 5 AM and, for once, it was not because a child or an alarm had woken me up.  It was pure anticipation and excitement.  We were finally going to find out if the sex of the baby.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning that could see the pile of presents but had to wait to open them.  I couldn't think about anything else; My mind was overcome with the joy of this day.  

My husband wasn't any better.  He started tossing and turning at 5:30 AM and finally gave up and jumped out of bed at 6.  As we tried to discuss a topic in our daily devotional, he twisted and turned all over the bed, jumped up four times and nearly spilled my coffee on me.  "Are you excited?" I asked him.  "Of course!  This is such a huge day!  I can't sit still!" he told me.  I knew exactly how he felt.

My mom met us at home and we all headed to the doctor for my ultrasound.  Each time the waiting room door opened, we all jumped.  Finally, it was my turn.  I know the ultrasound tech from my previous pregnancies and as we all swapped stories, I realized that he wasn't going to start scanning until we were done talking.  I fought my nervous urge to keep up the conversation and clamped my mouth shut.  The scan began and with it, my tears.

Watching an ultrasound is truly a glimpse into one of God's miracles.  I immediately saw her beating heart, I watched her kick on the screen and felt it in my tummy.  I saw her strong bones, her perfect spine and little tiny hands and feet.  She only weighs 1/2 pound and yet, she is a perfect human being.  

We waited patiently for the grand finale and tried to see if we could cheat and figure out the sex before he told us.  No go.  We had to wait for thirty minutes to hear what we had all wanted to hear.  It's a girl.

All three of us screamed so loud that the ultrasound tech jumped and through a flurry of tears we explained that this little girl will be among six boys.  She will be both grandparent's last grandchild.  My husband jumped up to hug me and we almost couldn't let go of one another.  This child is an answered prayer.

We called our boys to tell them the results and my four year old yelled, "Mommy!  That is great news!!" And it truly was.  We went out to buy her her very first dress and my husband picked out something beautiful.  We fielded phone calls, texts and Facebook messages from all the people in our lives that are sharing in our joy.  We looked up to God to say thank you for this healthy and beautiful child at least fifty times.  

When I got home that night, I felt the gratitude continue as I looked at our two sons.  They lovingly looked at the tiny dress and leggings marveling at their size.  I held them both close to me and told them about how excited we were on the days we found out about each of them.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have three healthy children.  I cannot wait to hold our daughter.

Do you remember the day you found out you were having a boy or a girl?  Try telling your children that story today.  It just might make them feel as loved as you know they are.

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