Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Big!

Now that my baby isn't going to be the baby anymore, I've been getting a bit nostalgic.  I cleaned out his closet and found stray pacifiers, tiny boy onesies and the blanket I wrapped around him at the hospital.  He just turned two in August and, in many ways, he is still a baby.  But don't tell him anything of the kind.

As I've walked around misty eyed (hormones...they can make you nuts.) I find myself sharing stories with my little one.  "Did you know that I bought this for you when you were in my belly?" I asked him yesterday.  He was lying on his changing table waiting for a new diaper and hoping I would just finish up already.  "No!" he yelled out suddenly.  "Me baby!  No!" he said forcefully.  "You were not a baby?  Yes, you were," I tried to explain lovingly.  "You were in my belly just like this baby and..."  "Me no baby!  BIG!" he said as he stretched his arms and legs as long as they would go.  "Oh, I see.  You're a big boy!  You aren't a baby!" I said, trying to understand.  "Yeah!" he said as he relaxed back on the table for the rest of his diaper change.

I have never been one to hang on to the baby stage.  I love to watch them change and grow and become their own people.  But suddenly I am seeing that my baby will no longer be my baby.  There will be someone else who needs me the most.  Someone else that needs to be held and rocked and fed and changed.  Sharing a mom isn't easy business for anyone.  It can be very hard to get used to a whole other person in the house.  And yet it is somehow incredibly reassuring that he doesn't want to be a baby anymore.  He wants to be "big" like his brother.  

As I watched him play later on in the day, I started thinking of all the changes that will happen to him this year.  He will start sharing a room with his brother (you can bet there will be posts about that transition!!), he will be potty trained, he will learn how to really and truly talk and he will be a big brother.  My prayer is that we all handle the changes gracefully.  He will always be my baby boy, even if he's rather not hear about it.  I'll keep it between you and me.

How do you help encourage your children as they change and grow? Do you ever see them as younger or less capable than they are?

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