Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boy or Girl?

We find out on Thursday if the baby is a boy or a girl and we're all bursting with anticipation.  A girl would mean a big change in our house.  This house if filled with guys.  Even my dog is a boy.  I am the only one with estrogen and I do my best to give them a woman's perspective.  A little girl would round out our experience a little bit.  And I would be able to buy all those cute clothes.  And have a little pink in the house.  And have someone's hair to style.  And maybe get a break from playing in so much mud.  But a boy would be easier in some ways.  I know boys.  I understand them now that I have spent so much time getting to know my own.  I truly feel like either way would be a huge blessing but my oldest has already decided what he wants.  A sister.

He has wanted that from the very beginning.  He refers to the baby as "she" and "her" and tells everyone he wants a sister.  Even the lady at the McDonald's drive through.  He had his window down to order his happy meal and the woman working the microphone was very sweet with him.  "Is this a little boy or a little girl?" she asked so that she could put the right toy inside their Happy Meals.  "Well, we're not sure yet," he answered.  "We're going to find out on Thursday but I'm hoping it's a sister!"  The lady was understandably confused and I did my best to explain that we needed boy toys.  When I pulled around, my son was quick to fill her in.  "Mommy has a baby in her belly and I really want it to be a girl but we don't know yet and I can't wait to find out," he said.  I swear he stopped talking only because he had to breathe.  Thankfully, she didn't rush us out.  She just patiently said how exciting that must be and that we should come back through next week to tell her what we found out.  "Okay!  We will!  Bye!" he said, finally satisfied that he had gotten his point across.  "Oh!  And I have a really cool magnet train in the car.  You might want to tell everybody working at McDonald's about that, too," he shared as he crunched on his fry.  "You bet!" she said with a smile.

There's something so endearing about the honesty of a child.  If I'm honest, I would love to have a little girl.  But I hesitate to say it because I don't want anyone to think that a little boy would somehow mean less to me.  My son, however, is right out there with what he wants.  He shares it with the world with little trepidation.  I admire that.  We could all be a little more straightforward, don't you think?

I will share our results on Facebook on Thursday morning!  

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