Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big boy bed

My boys will need to share a room within the next four months and preparations have already begun.  My oldest is very excited about the prospect and would like his brother to start staying in there immediately but my little one isn't so sure.  We hadn't transitioned him from his crib yet and he wasn't complaining.  He loved to snuggle up against the side of the crib and he didn't make any attempts to try and climb out.  If there wasn't another one coming that would need that real estate, we probably would've just let him be.  Since that isn't the case, we decided to at least take off the side of the crib and turn it into a toddler bed.
I laid him down and caught myself holding my breath to see what he would do.  My oldest has scarred me, you see.  He would wait until the door closed then proceed to take all his clothes out of drawers, dump out his diaper bin or take every single book out of his book shelf.  One time we even found him in a completely white room after he found the "value size" baby powder.  I was not looking forward to monitoring my little one's movements after so many years of peace.  Guess what he did?  Went to sleep.  That was it.  He went to sleep, woke up and then called for us to get him.  There was no mischief whatsoever.

My oldest (who still remembers his short reign of terror) was very excited to find out what his brother had gotten into.  "Mommy!  Did he get out?  What did he do?  What did he play with when he thought you weren't watching?"  I told him his brother had been very good and had stayed in his bed.  I told him that his daddy was just about to go get him.  "I'll go too!" he yelled as he bolted up the stairs.  I hadn't yet turned off the monitor and as I brushed my teeth I overheard my oldest saying this to his brother, "Just so you know, Drew, you can get out of that bed anytime you want."  My youngest said, "Oh!  Okay!" This only further encouraged his brother.  "That's right, you can!  Anytime!  Let me show you how.  You just scoot like this..."  I couldn't listen to anymore.  My mind was screaming, "STOP!  DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME!" And then I realized that this is the first of many things he will teach his brother that I would rather have him not know.

Tonight I will find out if my little one was listening to this lesson or not.  Either way, I remembered today that one of the values of having older siblings is that they teach you so many tricks about life.  They may be bossy and they may try to push you around but, in the end, they have been through more than you.  They can help you navigate and even sometimes help you break the rules.  Not that I ever did that.  I never sent my ID to my sister so she could buy cigarettes or anything.

How have your siblings or older cousins helped you to navigate life?  

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