Friday, September 6, 2013

Waitress by God

Life has been, in a word, stressful.  While I would love to spill every last grievance on you, I will just say that there isn't an aspect of my life that has gone unaffected in the past few weeks and it has had me worried about my unborn baby.  How can all this stress be good for the baby?  How can the tears that are part hormones part reality help this baby to grow?  I find myself stopping mid cry to talk to him/her.  I let the baby know that Mommy and Daddy are here and that we will do anything for him or her.  We will always keep him or her safe.  But the fear has stayed in my gut.

I went out to lunch with my mom in the midst of this madness and a cheerful waitress ferried drinks and chicken salad sandwiches to our table.  My mom thanked her for being quick about the food delivery explaining that I am pregnant and hungry most of the time.  Instead of smiling sweetly and taking her leave, the waitress started telling us the stories of her own deliveries.  She told us of her first two pregnancies that were simple and straightforward.  She shared that she, "ran five miles every day with my first and three with my second.  I barely even showed!"  Then she went on to tell us the story about her third.  

She told us that the tests revealed that her baby would be mentally disabled and the doctor recommended she terminate the pregnancy.  She was thrown into major emotional distress and told the doctor immediately that she did not believe in abortion - She would carry the baby to term.  She said she spent months crying and planning and trying to imagine how this would effect her other children.  Then, like any mother, she spent the rest of the time worrying and planning and trying to imagine how this high stress pregnancy would effect the little girl in her belly.  

Then, a month before delivery, she was crying as the doctor listened her baby's heartbeat.  The doctor broke in nonchalantly and said, "Funny thing happened.  They transposed your numbers on the tests.  Turns out your baby will be fine!"  Her relief and anger fought with each other for prominence.  Had she done irreparable damage to the baby by being under so much stress?

"And now," the waitress concluded with a proud glint in her eye, "at eighteen that girl is the most zen and together child I've ever met.  She blows me away."

I told her then that she had been sent to me by God to tell me that everything would be okay.  My circumstances are different but my fears are the same.  She was brought to me to remind me to have faith.  As she walked away, my shoulders relaxed for the first time in weeks. 

Do you ever feel as if God speaks to you through other people?  How have you been reminded that everything would be okay?

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