Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Getaway

Remember how I was plotting my escape last week?  I had a fantasy of locking myself in a hotel room to hide from all responsibility and gain some perspective.  Guess what?  It came true.  My husband and I had a friend getting married in Connecticut and we had booked our flight and hotel months ago.  It just so happened that the trip fell at the exact time I needed it.

My in-laws were kind enough to drive four hours to stay at our house with the kids.  I went over the schedule loosely and assured them that as long as they were alive when we got back, we'd be happy. All the other details seemed extraneous.  I wanted out of there.  

We left the house around ten and headed for the airport.  With each mile, my tension seemed to release little by little.  I downloaded a book at the airport and didn't look up from my iPad except when the flight attendants made me put it away.  I was completely immersed in the book and the opportunity.  Uninterrupted time to read when I'm not exhausted!?  This is paradise!

The wedding was the next evening and my husband and I had all day to be tourists and lounge around.  We ate at an amazing little hole in the wall diner, toured a waterfront museum, and browsed through shops filled with overpriced clothes and nautical souvenirs.  We crashed around three and then got dressed up for the wedding that evening.  Really, though, after a day of holding hands and talking by the water, we were dressing up for each other.  I looked at him in his suit and felt butterflies in my stomach.  It was the first time in a long time that I looked at him that way.  I see him every day as a husband, a dad, even a helper.  But after a few days of time with just him, I had a moment to remember why I loved him so much as a man.

While a weekend in Mystic, CT isn't realistic for us on a regular basis, I do think this was a wake up call for us.  We have two sets of grandparents that are willing to give us a break.  There are places all over our town that we could stay in without the hassles of air travel.  We need to take it.  I need to take it.  Two days restored my balance and I can't put a price tag on that.

How do you make time to get away?  I challenge you to make it happen!

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