Friday, September 20, 2013

Teeny Tiny Talker

Every kid has a way that they master language.  My oldest waited until he understood the entire English language before opening his mouth and saying complete sentences.  He had one word phrases here and there but his language literally exploded at 2 1/2.  There is a theory that supports this called the Language Explosion.  Studies have shown that kids go from a few precious words at one to 1,000-3,000 words by age three.  But it has been very interesting to watch my youngest experience this in a way all his own.

My youngest has been saying words for quite some time.  He has moved from one word phrases to two or three word phrases just as I expected.  But the words he chooses are filled with a lot of action and drama.  While he may say, "Mama, up!"  he will follow it up with a passionate, "Crib, NOOOOOO!  Cry!  Me Cry!" He wants me to know that he wants up and if I don't make that happen, the meltdown is imminent.  I appreciate that about him.  He's always giving me a heads up.

My oldest often talks for him (I'm pretty sure I still do this to my younger sister) and my youngest is no longer content to have his brother fill in the blanks.  My oldest will say, "He wants some yogurt because he didn't eat enough lunch."  My youngest scoots in close to me and yells out, "Mama!  Mama!" to ensure eye contact.  He then continues, "Gurt!  Eat!  Lunch...No...BELLY HURT!"  And, although I already got the gist of it, it does add some spice to watch him doubling over during the story proving that this situation is dire.  

I think the way that they learn language is telling about their personalities.  My oldest is someone who must understand completely before he will try something.  It is important to him to do it right.  My youngest, however, is willing to throw spaghetti at the wall as long as you understand how he is feeling.  He is a passionate little soul that seems to put great merit on being heard and understood.  I wonder if this will hold true for him has he grows...Only time will tell.

What do your children's learning styles tell you about their personalities?  

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