Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still My Baby

My husband and I have woken up at 6:30 to spend time together almost every morning since we attended a marriage conference last June.  We read a book with a discussion question and the conversation flows naturally from there.  Some of it is heavy and thick with emotion.  Most of it ends up bringing topics up that we should discuss but never have.  It has been a wonderful thing for my husband and I but I didn't expect it to have such an impact on our oldest son.

He wakes up at 6:45 every day without fail.  He thumps down the stairs into our room to tell us some tiny thing (Mommy!  Did you know Daddy put me in my Thomas jammies?) and we continually send him out reminding him that this is our time.  Could he please close the door.  His shoulders slump a little and he backs out of the room.  Sometimes we hear him shuffling his trucks or building with Legos right in front of our door but he does respect the boundary.

This morning I woke up at 6 AM (pregnancy does crazy things to your sleep habits, doesn't it?) and I seized the moment.  A quiet house.  Nobody needed me!  Nobody would talk to me!  I made myself some coffee then tiptoed out to our lanai.  I lit a few candles and brought a devotional and my journal with me.  I found myself completely lost in the moment until a little fuzzy blond head popped into view. My oldest had woken up at 6:15.

I gestured for him to come on out and give me a hug.  He climbed into my lap and said, "Mommy!  Were you waiting for me to have special time?  I think we should do this every single day.  We'll both wake up before Daddy, talk about our day and have our very own special time."  As much as I wanted, craved and, frankly, needed another fifteen minutes to myself, I couldn't say no to that beautiful request.  "Anytime I get up early, I will wait for you in the lanai.  When you wake up, come on down and we'll snuggle and talk.  Deal?"  I asked him.  "Deal!" he said.  "So, what do you have planned for today," he asked as he sunk back into my arms.

There are plenty of days that I don't want to wake up at 6:30. There are plenty of days that I feel guilty for leaving my four year old for thirty minutes to an hour to play by himself.  But I know now that I am teaching him something important about relationships.  They take time.  They take focus.  They are not always easy but they are always worth it.

Do you have special time devoted to the important people in your life?  If you could pick one person to spend more time with, who would it be?

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