Monday, September 23, 2013

Roughing It

We are heading out for a family vacation this week and the house is teeming with excitement.  I grew up with a lake house and I have felt homesick for that place for quite some time.  We decided to make it happen and booked a cabin at a KOA campsite.  It was fifteen miles from the lake but it was the closest we could get.  It just so happened that my parents were also planning a trip back home and so they booked a camp site right next to us.  They have been there for a week and they have done a bit of, well, research on our accommodations.

"There is no way you can stay in that cabin," my mom said to me.  She is usually a "tough it out" kind of girl so I was surprised to hear this.  "What do you mean?" I asked her.  "There's no bathroom!  How many times a night do you wake up to go to the bathroom now that you are pregnant?"  she asked knowingly.  My doubts about the fun of roughing it started to overwhelm my excitement.  "Honey, you can't walk around in the dark of night to find a bathroom!  Daddy and I will take the cabin.  You can sleep in the RV," she said definitively.  That was tough to argue.  Wooden one room cabin with a mini fridge or RV with leather couches, flat screens and a complete bathroom...Hmmmm.  I gave a half-hearted fight but she wouldn't budge.  Then I got a call from my parents last night.

"You won't believe it!  We went to dinner with our old neighbors and they offered to let us stay in their cabin because they won't be there!  There's three bedrooms, tons of toys for the kids and they even have our old boat.  Remember that Daddy sold it to them when we left?"  my mom asked, giddy as a school girl.  My heart lifted.  This cabin is almost across the street from our old lake house.  I can spend the week showing my boys and my husband all the beautiful little trails my sister and I discovered as children.  I can take them on boat rides and share the fun of zipping around the lake full speed.  I can share a bit of a place that made me who I am.

Do you have a place that you hold dear to your heart?  Have you shared it with your children and/or your spouse?  It might be fun to start thinking about your next family trip...

P.S. There isn't any cell coverage let alone internet coverage at this peaceful oasis.  I will be offline all week but I promise to keep writing and share our stories upon my return.  

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