Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Day of Co-Op

As homeschoolers, we don't get to do all the fanfare of back to school.  There's no need to buy all new clothes, new back packs or pencils in every color.  Sure, we need supplies but we can find most of it along the way at the dollar store.  Most people love this aspect of homeschooling.  Me?  I kinda miss all the pomp and circumstance.  That's why I was so excited to take pictures for our first day of co-op.

What is co-op you ask?  It's a wonderful invention.  It is a cooperative of homeschooling parents that join together to share what they know.  Organized classes are put together and split up by grade level. The classes are designed to supplement core curriculum (reading, math, handwriting, etc.) and offer things that you may not be able to teach.  It also gives them time in a class with other kids so that they can make friends and build relationships.  So, here's how our first day of co-op went...

All of the elementary kids met in the gym and sat down waiting for dismissal by class.  There are roughly 100 kids in the elementary program and they open the day with the pledge and a prayer.  The organizer, Bailey, asked for volunteers to say the pledge.  My son looked at me and said, "What's the pledge?" and I figured it was a good thing we were there.  Then he moved on.  "I'm going to need to talk to Bailey once she stops talking," he whispered loudly.  "Okay, just wait a..." I tried to say as he made his way in front of 100 children.  "Did you want to say the pledge with us?" Bailey asked.  "Not really but check out my really cool

train tattoo.  Do you want to know how they did it?" he asked.  "Sure, but let's say the pledge first," she said.  They completed the pledge and my son looked at her and said, "Just so you know, I'm never going to remember all that."  Then he made his way back to his spot.  

This kid is just hilarious sometimes.  I was so delighted to be in a place that didn't make him sit down.  They didn't shush him and put him in his place.  They let him be who he is.  That, more than anything, reassured me that this would be a good place for us.  

How do you let your kids be who they are?  Is it ever hard to hold back when it isn't necessarily what you would do?

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