Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

I know that there are people who say that pregnancy drains them of logic.  Others blame pregnancy for forgetfulness, silliness or emotional meltdowns.  I say there is validity in all of it.  At six weeks pregnant, I had officially begun to lose my mind.

I called my mom to figure out plans for a Tampa Bay Rays game we were going to that day and the conversation went something like this:

"Hey Mom!  I wanted to see if you and Dad wanted to ride with us to the game today," I started.

"Oh sure!  What time do you want to leave?"  she asked.

"Well, I have to see what time the sitter is coming.  I think she'll be here at four," I told her.

"But honey the game starts at four...Shouldn't we go a little earlier?" she asked.

"Oh yeah.  OK.  I'll have to double check my text messages with her.  The boys are so excited to go!" I told her, moving to the next subject.

"But I thought the boys weren't coming...Didn't you say the sitter was coming?" she asked.

I stood there for full thirty seconds with no idea what she was talking about.  Of course the boys were coming!  Oh...wait...the sitter.  If she was coming that would mean they are not coming.  My face started burning red.

"Mom, I'm losing my mind.  Come at 2:30.  I love you," I told her.

I swear I was not this dumb with my boys.  The combination of tiredness and hormones has made the synapses slow to fire and I'm going to do my best to be patient with it.  If there are many grammatical errors on Perchable, I sincerely apologize.  I will do my best to keep things in order!

Do you ever go through "stupid periods"?  Any tricks for sharpening up the mind while my hormones are in control?

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