Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mobile Homeschooling

Sometimes I get stressed out about getting school "done".  Even though our list is not long, life can get in the way.  It's easy when we are at home but if we have obligations outside the home (doctor's offices, errands, or visits with friends) reading, science and math can get pushed back.  Today, I decided to try a new approach.

My oldest has been coughing for a few days and seems to be getting worse every day.  He feels great otherwise but he had trouble sleeping last night so I decided to take him to the walk-in hours at our pediatrician.  I checked out our list of things to do and packed up an activity bag to take with us.   We have a thirty minute drive to the doctor and I figured we would spend plenty of time waiting to see the doctor.  I decided to try to use that in between time to get our work done.

Guess what?  They loved it.  We didn't do anything but sing and talk on the way there.  I wasn't quite ready to be really smart at 7:45 AM.  But once I checked us in at the pediatrician, we settled in to do workbook questions.  The boys sat in the plastic playhouse and I peeked through the window to help my oldest figure out the answers and my youngest to color.  Before we knew it, it was time to see the doctor.

The doctor taught both boys all kinds of things by answering all their questions.  "Where is my heart?  How much to I weigh?  How does that big scale work?  What's the name of that thingy with the light?  Why am I coughing?  and What kind of medicine should I take?" were all asked.  And those are only the ones I remember.

As we waited for the prescription at the pharmacy, we finished another page of his workbook and played a
fun shape game.  They had to reach into a pillowcase filled with toddler puzzle shapes and guess what shape it was by feeling it.  My oldest learned to lean on a sense other than sight (How many sides does it have?  Does it feel smooth or does it have angles?).  My youngest had a chance to reinforce shapes and colors once his brother would pull one out of the bag.

The best part of all of this - They were entertained and I wasn't worried about getting things done.  My oldest got through his work with far less struggle because we were around less distractions.  We even had time to stop and visit my husband at his office and get home for some reading and snuggling before nap time.  It felt, in a word, easy.  If you homeschool or have after school activities that take away from homework, consider taking the work to someplace other than the kitchen table.  It's amazing what some new scenery can do for both of you.

How do you get everything done when things get busier?  How do you do that and still enjoy the process?

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