Monday, August 19, 2013

Mine Own

My youngest is turning two this week so please expect many sappy posts about the gift of that sweet sweet child.  Today, I will focus on the incredible natural process of him becoming more and more independent.  This little boy who loves to be snuggled while I put on his shoes or have his hair stroked or his hand held as we climb the stairs is suddenly wanting to do everything on "Mine Own".

It started last week when I tried to pick him up out of his booster seat.  He said very seriously with a parental look in his eye, "Mama.  No help.  Mine Own."  He then proceeded to climb out of his chair and plop on the ground with out any trouble.  "You did it!" I encouraged him.  "I'm so proud of you!"  He beamed up at me and said, "Yes!  Did!"  then he went off to play.  

This has spread into every single area of his life.  He wants to climb the stairs without me hovering behind.  He wants to buckle his car seat and climb out of it on his own.  He even wanted to swing on the rope swing in the picture above all by himself.  But this new found independence is not without its challenges.  My mom relayed a story about him wanting to wipe his own bottom like this:  "He grabbed a wipe and said, 'Own!' so I just let him," she told me after putting him down for a nap.  "He wiped his hip instead and when I told him he wasn't even close to his butt he  laughed so hard his whole body was shaking!"

I love that about this little boy.  While he is driven to do things on his own, he has a wonderful sense of humor about it.  He doesn't get frustrated - He just keeps trying until he gets it right.  If he messes up, he finds the whole thing hilarious and just tries again.  It's such a wonderful example to the rest of us. 

Are your children beginning to show a new wave of independence?  How are they (and you!) handling the challenges that come along with it?

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