Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Kindergarten Box

I ordered my oldest son's kindergarten books and supplies a few months early so that we could save a bit of money.  My plan was to get the stuff then spend some time getting to know the approaches to each  subject and leave all the rest in a storage closet.  No go.

"But I want to start kindergarten today!" my oldest said.  He is only 4 1/2 and he still has nine weeks of his Pre K curriculum left to go.  Kindergarten was not yet in my plan.  "Why do you want to start now?" I asked him.  "There are so many cool books.  And science experiments!  And those letter blocks!  And I get to learn how to tell time!"  he shouted.  The reasons were spilling out of his mouth one after another as he thought of them.  He wanted to get the show on the road.  I promised him I would take a look at everything and that we might figure out something later in the week.

I opened up my teacher guide and started feeling overwhelmed.  Very overwhelmed.  Suddenly, homeschooling was even more real.  I have to teach math.  And science.  And reading.  If he can't read, it's all my fault!  And how in the world will I have TIME for all this?  What will I do with my youngest?  Will he feel totally and completely ignored?  Then, I prayed.  I prayed for help figuring this out.  I prayed that I wouldn't screw it up.  

Suddenly, I remembered that I felt this exact way a year ago when his pre-kindergarten material arrived.  I think it was God who reminded me.  He has also reminded me that my son's enthusiasm to learn all of these new things is a testament to the fact that I am on the right path.  Slowly, I have worked out a *rough* schedule for our school year after reading through forums and homeschooling mom's blogs.  Over and over again they remind me to stay flexible.  They remind me to follow the child's lead.  And so I try.

I asked my son on Monday what he was most excited about in the kindergarten box.  He said he wanted to try and make letters with the blocks from the Handwriting Without Tears kit.  They are simple balsa wood rectangles and half circles that can be linked together to create all the capital letters.  So we got them out and started building.  We made an "O" and a "P" then they moved on to trying to spell their names.  The game soon moved to building houses with my youngest's tool kit.  The next day, we played with the items we'll use for science experiments.  The next day, they grabbed the play clocks.  And you know what, we enjoyed it.  

It will be different this coming year.   There will be more work.  But I'm hopeful that I will continue to turn to prayer and realized that I am not running this show.  God will help me to make this happen if I will only let him.

How do you get through those times of feeling overwhelmed?  Is God a source of strength for you?  

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  1. My oldest is in school, but honestly he learns everything from me with workbooks and activities :) So I understand about feeling overwhelmed, I just finished up the 2nd year workbooks with my soon before he starts 2nd grade in two weeks and I had to teach fractions, which I hate!


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