Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interesting Interests

"Did you get to touch a sting ray?" I asked my oldest son after a visit to the touch tank at the Clearwater Aquarium.  "Yeah!" he said as he raced ahead.  "But what do they use to pump the oxygen into the tank?"  My dad, who had graciously offered us free passes to the Clearwater Aquarium and a helping hand, jumped in to take this round of Luke questions.  I went into the theater with my youngest and my niece to learn of the plight of Winter the dolphin while my dad took Luke.

A few minutes later my dad walked into the mini theater and leaned in to whisper.  "He wanted to break into the room with the filters.  He must have asked thirty questions about how the system works!"  I was not surprised about this.  

Ever since my husband offered to show him our own pool filtration system, he has been fascinated with the process.  Last week we spent a half hour at a pool that was just being built in our neighborhood as he asked, "What does that do?" and "Why is that there?"  The most I know about pools is how to swim in them.  This line of questioning is way out of my realm of knowledge.  Still, I am learning that my job is not to have the answers but to show him how to find them.  

We've been typing in possible search words online and I have been encouraging him to ask people who may know (our pool guy, my dad, etc.).  Next week we are taking a field trip to the pool store.  While the topic is outside of my interests, his enthusiasm for it enlivens me.  I see his thirst for knowledge and I am driven to help him fill it.  Even if it is about pool filters.

You just never know where your children's interests are going to lie.  With my son, he is fascinated with understanding how things work.  That applies to everything from bodies to pool filters.  With your child, it may be vacuum cleaners or super heroes.  No matter what it is, I encourage you to follow their lead even if it seems strange and maybe even unimportant.  You never know what wonderful qualities you may be nurturing. 

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  1. My oldest is like that :) He is obsessed with black holes and will tell random people at the store all about them. Kids are pretty cute sometimes!


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