Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'll Teach the Baby

My oldest son is in love with the baby in my belly.  He is absolutely fascinated with the baby's development and, each day, he wants to see a picture of how big the baby is right now.  I'll hold up the picture in the book and we talk about how this week the baby's fingers and toes are poking out or it's little tail is disappearing to become it's spinal cord.  But as much as he wants to learn about the baby, he wants even more for the baby to learn from him.

"Mommy, can the baby hear yet?" he asked me the other day.  "Well, the baby's ears won't work really well until October but that doesn't mean we can't talk to her (I know, wishful thinking with the "her")".  He considered this for a moment then said, "Does the baby know about trains?"  "No," I answered, "The baby doesn't know about anything yet.  She will have so much to learn just like you did."  His eyes lit up and I could see the wheels turning in his little but quick brain.  "Mommy!  I can teach the baby everything!  Let's start now!" he shouted.

So he did.  He walked over to my belly and set out to impart all the knowledge he has gained in his four and a half years.  He started from the top and explained all the different types of trains and the benefits of using different types of fuel.  "I really like steam engines the best...They aren't the fastest but they are really really cool.  They puff out HUGE puffs of steam...Mommy, does the baby know what steam is?"  I told him that she didn't.  "Oh, okay, well, she might just have to see that for herself," he concluded.

These mini lessons have continued at random for days.  "Mommy, does the baby know about Legos?" or "Mommy!  Let's tell the baby all about MUD!"  While I don't think the baby will remember the content of these lessons, I know he or she will immediately know the sound of her brother's voice.  I remember my oldest turning his head at the sound of my voice moments after delivery.  I remember my little one turning his head when he heard my mom's voice fifteen minutes after he was born.  I have no doubt that this one will have a special bond with his or her brother right from the start.  I am so thankful to have my oldest's enthusiasm and I fully expect him to be an incredible teacher in this child's life.  

How have your older children reacted to a pregnancy?  Have they been helpful, oblivious, interested?  

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