Thursday, June 27, 2013

You'll Never Guess

We were reading a story about a carnival and decided to make our own carnival in my bedroom.  We got balls to throw in a basket and a little ride-on firetruck for a roller coaster.  I also decided to have them play a guessing game called, You'll Never Guess What's Under my Hat".  Essentially, it's a preschool version of twenty questions.  I honestly expected them to move on to throwing, but the hat game really grabbed their interest and, in the end, my funny bone.

After a few rounds of them guessing what I had hidden, my son wanted a turn.  He grabbed the straw sunhat and placed it on his blond head.  It slumped down over his eyes and caused a fit of giggles from both of them.  My oldest asked me to wait in my bathroom while he found something to hide in the hat.  As I walked toward my vanity stool, he and his brother raced through the room trying to find the perfect thing to hide.

"You'll NEVER guess what's under my hat!" said my oldest.  "HAT!!" said my little parrot, er, son.  I looked up to see his giant cement mixer on his head along with the hat.

"Hmmm...That's a tough one," I said.  "Is it a toy?"

"YES!" he yelled.

"Does it have an engine?" I asked.

"YES!" he yelled.

"Is it a cement mixer?" I asked.

"YES!!!  GOOD JOB MOMMY!" he screamed.

"Thanks!  Do you think you could find something smaller to hide under your hat?"  I asked.

"SURE!!" he yelled.  "YES!" my toddler yelled trying to nod while he ran.

I heard banging but tried to stay still and patient while they found the perfect thing.

He came back and this time, I was stumped.  Nothing I asked was even close.  It wasn't a toy, it wasn't something electronic, it wasn't a book.  Finally, I gave in.

"I can't seem to guess what's under your hat.  Will you tell me?" I asked them.

"YES!" he yelled.  He lifted up his hat and there was a pair of my leopard print underwear.

"You got my underwear!" I said through a fit of laughter.  "You are a nut!"

We all fell down laughing then moved on to play other games that didn't involve going through my drawers.  Kids...You just never know what they are going to say or do.

Try the hat game with your kids today - Maybe you will get some giggles out of it, too.

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