Monday, June 3, 2013

The Life of the Party

I was talking to a mom of three kids the other day (ages 5,6 and 7...busy lady to say the least) and we were talking about time without kids around.  I told her how nice it is to read a book or have some quiet and she said, "Yeah, but when they're gone it gets a little too quiet.  They are the life of the party."  That statement has been bouncing around my head and it's helped me to see how right we both are.

It definitely is wonderful to have time without our kids.  We can use that time to recharge and get back to taking care of ourselves.  Whether you do that through a night out with friends or just staring at the wall because you can, it's necessary.  Absolutely, positively necessary.  Without it, we will no longer see them as the life of the party and instead we will think of them as that annoying drunk guy at the party that won't just pass out already.

When I take time for myself, something magical starts to happen.  I get sucked into their world and, suddenly, feel alive with all the possibilities of our day.  They bring so many ideas and so much fun that I would never have if they were not in my life.  Without them, I would never think to make ice cream at 9:30 in the morning.  I would never think of our blue rug as a deep ocean that we have to swim through.  I wouldn't squirt anyone, fully clothed, with the hose and have them laugh so hard that they can't even stand up.  I wouldn't get tickled every single day.  And I would miss that.

There's a country song, "You're Going to Miss This" by Trace Atkins and, even if you don't like country music, listen to it today. The last verse captures motherhood in the beautifully simply way that only country music can.  Enjoy your children today...Follow their crazy ideas and see where they take you.  As Trace Atkins says, "You're going to miss this.  You're going to want this back.  You're going to wish these days hadn't gone by so fast."

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